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GVI Wireless Internet

Call to signup 360-474-5107


The benefits of Wireless Internet

  • Always On
  • Incrementally scaleable
  • No monthly telephone charges
  • No government surcharge
  • You can talk on the phone while you surf the net
  • No metered usage
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Not affected by the weather
  • Wireless upload and download speeds the same in both directions. 
  • Low-latency.  Service is great for online gaming, or VPN Service
  • Allows you to cut the cord and use your cell phone as your main telephone service






Wireless             1.5MB/1.5MB                     $30.00/month (includes 5 e-mail accounts)




The stated speeds is “up to” speed and actual download and upload speeds may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, speed of your computer, whether or not it is loaded down with viruses/spyware, overall internet congestion and the speed of the websites you visit on the internet.












Equipment is free with Installation, however, equipment remains the property of Glacier View Internet, LLC







 Installation - $100.00 (mandatory)





1 – Wireless Radio (Client unit)

1 – 14db Outdoor Antenna/Enclosure for Radio

1 – 50ft of Outdoor Category 5 Cable - $0.50/foot for each additional foot of cable

1 – Labor ($50/hour for any labor that is deemed beyond standard)

Standard installation;  in terms of equipment, the standard installation includes a mount for the antenna, a cable no longer than 50ft, an antenna, the wireless client unit, and patch cable(s) & connectors. In terms of labor (in the case of a single PC connection), we will provide installation of the connection to a PC, up to and including the wireless network adapter, and perform simple software configuration of the subscriber’s PC.

There are cases when installation may go beyond “standard.”  These include cost of additional cable, additional mast height, or labor beyond standard installation.  Additional labor could include (but is not limited to): work on your PC or network, installation of antenna on a steep roof or otherwise unsafe area, & running cable through difficult areas or structures. Feel free to consult the installation tech, prior to the install, about any additional labor that may apply.

Requirements for Wireless service


Your computer must have an Ethernet/NIC card installed.  If you do not have one of these, these can be purchased through us for $10.00 each.




Wireless Internet works with any existing Operating System that supports networking.




Acceptable Usage Policy

See Terms of Service for the Acceptable Usage Policy.





What Is Wireless Internet?







Wireless Internet provides high-speed Internet  through the airwaves without cable, fiber optic or phone line connections, and is as much as 50x faster than your modem, depending on the package you choose.




Do I need a telephone line or modem?







No.  Our service operates independently from the phone company. In fact, some people who have Wireless Internet, have cancelled all phone service at their residence entirely, relying on cell phones or VOIP phones to place and receive calls.




Is the service affected by weather?







No.  Service is not affected by weather.  The frequency our equipment operates on is transparent to rain, snow, fog and sleet.  Although, it is always a good idea to keep your antenna free from snow for best performace.




Do I have to “logon” to use the service?







No.  Our service is truly “always on”.  Once your radio is associated to the tower by our technician, you are always on-line.




How long does it take to Install?







Just an hour or two, depending on specific situation of each customer.  Such as does the customer have a network card already installed?  We are not dependent on the phone company or anyone else to connect you to your system.




How long is the commitment?







The only commitment we require is that you pay 1 month up front.




Can my service be shared with other PC’s in my home or office?







Yes.  You can either do this yourself or we can do this for you for at a rate to be quoted per job.


Can my service by shared with my neighbor?


No.  Your service is for you only.  Anyone caught attempting to share their service, is in violation of the Glacier View Internet, LLC terms of service.




What operating systems/computers are compatible with your service?







Our equipment can support any platform with a standard Ethernet network card installed such as Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix. 




Are radio waves harmful?







The signal power our equipment uses is lower than a cell phone.




Does Glacier View Internet, LLC resell customer information?







NO, absolutely not.  We take your privacy and security very seriously.




Do I have to change my e-mail address?







If you are currently a Glacier View Internet, LLC customer, you will not need to change your e-mail address.




Is Wireless Internet access unlimited?







Wireless Internet is a full-time connection; your computer is connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We do not have any limits.




Can I run a web, FTP, gaming or other inbound posted servers on this connection?







No.  Plain and simple.  The service is intended to be an outbound connection.  By having people access your location (inbound traffic) you could potentially cause large amount of traffic on the network, and could be vulnerable to hackers etc.  Our administrator has the ability to monitor connections and determine traffic patterns.




Violations of this rule will not be tolerated.  Anyone violating this rule will be dealt with on a case basis and loss of connection could be possible.




Is Wireless Internet Secure?







Yes.  Glacier View Internet, LLC uses the latest encryption available.  We will always make sure that all equipment is updated with the latest encryption as it becomes available.

Estimated Coverage Area.


Here is a map of our estimated coverage area. In some cases if you live outside this area you may still be able to get our service. Ask for a free site survey.

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